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3200 Sentinel Dr. - Midland, Texas 79701                             432-570-6466

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    Most of us are toting around priceless family heirlooms without even realizing their full value or their significance. They're not typical treasures --- pieces of fine china, jewelry, old pocket watches or hand stitched doilies. They can't be found proudly displayed on your dining room sideboard, nor are they tucked away safely in your safe deposit box.

    Instead, they're gathering dust in the deep recesses of  your attic. They are providing shelter -- and perhaps a meal or two -- for the mice in your basement
    In the modern age of DVD's it's no longer practical, safe or convenient to simply slap your slides into an slide trays that will yellow or wrinkle with age, or to toss your slides into unmarked boxes that hibernate in the basement until Christmas when your parents come to visit.

    The best way to get your memories on DVD is simply to take your slides to AV Workshop Productions. The cost is relatively inexpensive, and by taking your slides to the experts at AV Workshop Productions, your transfer can be made into your own family production, with the addition of background music and titles.


We transfer a lot of slides to video each year. More and more people are realizing that our service provides the perfect opportunity to help preserve their family's history.


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